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Black River Traders, Inc. is a specialty beverage distributor servicing most regions of Northern & Southern New Jersey. We distribute craft beer from New Jersey, as well as from throughout North America, with our large portfolio of craft brands from across the U.S. and Canada. Our import brands are from Germany, England, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Columbia and Peru. We also carry a line of other specialty beverages as well, including seltzer, cider, mead, canned cocktails, kombucha and more.


In October of 2002 a decision was made between Robert S. Thompson and Douglas Thompson to establish a subsidiary company under Fischer Thompson Beverages. That company would be known as Black River Traders, Inc. with Robert S. Thompson and Douglas Thompson as acting co-owners. This new venture would concentrate its business on specialty beers, wines and spirits.


Black River Traders, Inc. has over 800 active accounts and 8 sales representatives.  As the business has grown, we have been able to utilize the Fischer Thompson Beverages info-structure to meet the necessary needs to run Black River Traders successfully. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, suppliers and employees.

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